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What We Do
We help you prepare for not only critical care certification exams, but also the REAL world.
We have everything you need to build and maintain critical care management knowledge and skills. If you’re a newbie in the field, then you’ll need our MeduPrep products (textbooks, online course, or in-person training). If you have already prepared for a critical care certification/career and just need practice tests and e-skill stations, then our MeduPrac products would best suit you. Finally, if you are all studied and practiced, and just want to know your chances against a tough critical care certification exam, then our MeduVet product is for you. If you want or need all of this, but want to extend it over 6 months to a year, then our full encompassing MeduGrad program is for you.

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Product Types
We have everything you need from starter study material to products that polish up your knowledge.
  1. Prepare.
    The MeduPrep products are a series of study materials. If you think of studying for these exams, and subsequently real life, in phases then this would be the first phase. This is where you obtain the basic and foundational knowlege for a field of study. Some learn best by watching videos, and some learn best by reading textbooks. Still others rather scenarios- at Meducation Specialists, we have it all.
  2. Practice.
    Phase 2 of preparing for these difficult exams (as well as difficult real life patients) is practicing. Don't over-read a topic. Once you understand a topic, STOP reading about it and start practicing how you'll be tested. That means take practice tests and real- world scenarios.
  3. Prove it.
    Once you understand the foundations and details of a topic enough to do well on practice tests and scenarios, then it is time for an outside party to vet you to make sure you understand every major concept. No one has this, but we do- its call the MeduVet and it assess your readiness for your exam and patients.
We Got You!
Let us give you a quick overview of what we can offer. We have a full spectrum of options when it comes to helping you pass certification exams as well as becoming (or maintaining) a competent critical care transport clinician. Thats our job, and we love it. take a look at the video and see for yourself our potential, then head to the products page and pick up something to perfect your skills.