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  1. This was the first text I started my CC career with... an excellent text with lots of high yield information and must know content. The scenarios in the back are great for review and the quick review section is very similar to what the exams ask. The main portion is very well laid out and covers a broad span of topics and conditions as well as must know skills, such as ventilators/IABP/ABG. I could not recommend this text enough. It's usefulness is 10 fold when couples with the online classroom.
    G. Pierce
    "an excellent text with lots of high yield information"
  2. This is one of the best study and resource guides for pre-hospital and critical care transport medicine that is out there. Strait to the point, QR scans that take you strait to lectures on difficult material and lots of practice questions. This definitely helped me pass the FP-C and CCP-C on the first try. I also use this book as a go-to resource for teaching in our own shop while developing lecture material. If you work in the streets, or in the air, this is a book that has to be in your library.
    L.J. Relle
    "This definitely helped me pass the FP-C and CCP-C on the first try."
  3. I just received my book today while in the midst of studying & wow! It’s everything you need to know without all of the fluff. Can’t wait to study further & pass my exams!
    G.M. Miller
    "No fluff"
  4. Great book for anyone wanting to learn or improve ventilator management. Yes, there may be a grammatical error, but mistakes happen. Check out the rest of Charlie's books!
    Sam Marshall
    "Great book"