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  1. 24 Hours of Con Ed
    This course has been approved by both the California Board of Nursing as well as the International Board of Specialty Certifications. Which means, of course, both RNs and paramedics alike receive 24 hours of continuing education for the online course, Excellence in Critical Care Transport.
  2. Never Get Locked Out
    Once you purchase online content, rest assured that once that content has been studied, you can always go back and re-review that content. You will never be locked out of content for the time you have access to our site.
  3. Flexible Expiration Times
    Typically we give you 4 months access to the online products you purchase. But listen, we all know that life gets in the way so, if you need a little extra time- simply let us know and will grant an extension. Your critical care educational investment is safe and we will protect it.
  4. Upgrade Opportunities
    Should you attend one of out MeduPrep in-person critical care certification review courses, you have the opportunity to easily upgrade to the full online course for $50. The MeduPrep in-person review course is built to fortify you in the 10 areas peopel fail these exams, and this upgrade opens up all the other content for expanded learning.
  5. Textbook Togetherness
    My 500 page, full-color textbook, Swearingen's Resource and Study Guide for Critical Care Transport Clinicians, was crafted based on the course objectives adapted from the objectives from both the CCP-C, CCRN, CFRN and FP-C exams. It marries perfectly with the online and in-person content.
  6. Content Built by Experts
    Our content has been crafted by experts in the field and led by owner/operator, Charles Swearingen. With almost 20 years in the industry, and 16 of those in critical care transport, in addition to training 1000s of flight clinicians over the last 2 decades, the content is rock star quality. He also partners with other experts to ensure a global view and accurate, evidence based content.