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Why Chose Meducation Specialists?
We were founded in 2010 to assist others in their efforts in achieving difficult to earn certifications. This later spawned into helping new graduates prepare for their licensing exams. Additionally, we now offer students currently in school assistance in studying for certain topics, finals, paper writing, and test answer explanations.

​ Our methods are simple. We provide you study material and hold you accountable for completing the work in a non- intrusive manner. You are making an investment in us, and we want you to succeed. To achieve our goals of making you successful, we utilize video case studies that fortifies core concepts, flash cards to reinforce finer details, and a dynamic test to ensure you are ready. When finished, you’ll be confident about the material. You’re welcome.

We will help you reach your goals. Thats a promise.

Charles F. Swearingen, BS, NRP, FP-C

We are here to assist you in passing difficult exams and providing high quality innovative continuing education. By providing high quality continuing education activities that are routinely updated, we can help to protect the investment you make in your education.

Whether you are studying for a national certification exam, simply taking a continuing education course to sharpen your skills, or are currently in school, you have a choice in who delivers that material to you. We are the RIGHT choice.